Everything About Havasu Falls

Havasupai Falls

Havasu Falls is a waterfall that is in Havasu Creek. The Havasu Creek comes from the spring and the Canyon. It’s located in the Grand Canyon. It is within the Havasupai tribal lands. It is one of the most famous and visited sites in the Grand Canyon. The water is blue-green due to the natural minerals. It also has campgrounds. You need a reserved permit prior to traveling to the reservation. There are picnic tables on the opposite side of the creek. Easy to cross by following the edge of the pools. You can also swim to a small rock shelter behind the falls.

How to Get to Havasu Falls
To get there you go from Highway 66 onto Indian Route 18 to Hualapai Hilltop. That is one of the places to stay while in Havasupai Falls. Other places to stay are Supai Lodge and Havasupai Falls Campground. You have to contact the Havasupai Tourist Office for entry and camping permits.

The People of Havasu Falls
The Havasupai live near the falls in the Supai Village. Their name Havasu baaja the people of the blue-green water and are the guardians of the Grand Canyon. The tribe sits on 188,007 acres of tribal reservation land. You would camp on their land. The reservation is located in Coconino Country near Peach Springs. The Havasu Canyon is known around the world for its blue water and waterfalls. It has plateaus, escarpments and travertine columns. The people of the tribe are mostly employed by the tourist industry.

Ways to Enjoy Havasu Falls
If you camp makes reservations prior to coming particularly if you are planning to hike into the canyons because more than likely you would have to go right back out and couldn’t stay the night. It is required that you stay overnight if you are going to the Havasu Falls. It is a hitchhiker’s paradise hidden within the Grand Canyon. You are not allowed a fire there so bring a ready to eat food pack or a small backpacking stove to use to cook. Also bring a tent, sleeping gear, and additional camping gear such as a stove. It has toilets, places to eat and water. There are guided tours available into the falls. The company one site recommends is Wildlife Trekking Company.

It is suggested that you train before you stay at the falls as it is strenuous hiking. To get to the Havasu Falls from the Reservation is a 10-mile hike. So you figure that you the tourist are hiking 20 miles in one day from the outset.

The Havasu Falls represents a description of where all five of the waterfalls that make up Havasu Falls are in the Grand Canyon. The Havasu Falls is the third and middle waterfall and it is good for swimming, shadow, and places to relax. The fall consists of one main vertical drop which is over 90 to 100 feet that goes into a series of plunge pools. The look of the falls changes when it floods in the area. It is approximately 80 feet high for Havasu Falls. The other falls are Mooney Falls which is the highest at 200 feet and it is below the campground. You could take a hiking tour there. Next is New Navajo Falls which is the first of the five waterfalls. You pass by as you hike down from Supai Lodge. It is approximately 60 feet high. Then is the Fifty Foot Falls which is the most accessible of the Havasupai Falls. Right off the trail and it is good for swimming. And it is a good day’s hike. The final fall is Beaver Falls which is the most remote of the falls at 3.5 miles below the campground and 3.5 miles away from Colorado. It is a good adventurous hike to take.

Different Excursions While at Havasu Falls
There are five different guided trips you can take to Havasu Falls for hiking and camping.
First Package: It is called the Havasupai Back Packing Trip. To do a 4-day three-night trip it costs $780 per person. You carry all of your hiking and trip gear on your back. It is approximately 45 pounds of stuff. It is an additional $420 for permits and land use fees. It is a hitchhiking trip that on the second day takes you to Havasupai switchbacks to the campground where you will explore and then spend the first night. On the third day which is the third night, you will hike around the Havasupai and sleep. And on the fourth and final day of the trip, you will see the waterfalls and head back to the beginning of the trip.

Second Package: It cost $995 per person with a $420 permit and land use fee charge. You stay for three days and two nights. It is called the Havasupai Express. On day one you meet your guide and hike to the Havasupai. There you camp for the night. The second day and second night of the trip you will explore the Havasupai around your campground. On the third day of the trip which is your final day, you will hike to the rim and then travel back to your hotel.

Third Package: This is called the Escape to Havasupai and it costs $1115 per person with $475 per person permits and land use fee. On day one you meet your guide at the hotel and hike the Havasupai Trail. You enter the village of Supai where you will rest for a little while before continuing on. You may have lunch there. As you continue you enter your campground for the Havasupai campground. Your guides will prepare dinner and also you will set up camp and rest. On day two and three of the tour, you explore Havasu Creek and then also climb the canyons known as the red rock wall and you will possibly if you choose swim beside the waterfall. Then you camp for your last night under the stars. On day four which is the last day of your trip, you will eat breakfast and prepare to leave. At the end of your trip, you end up where you started.

Fourth Package: It is called the 5 Day Havasupai Adventurer which costs $1645 per person which includes a charge of $475 permits and land use fee. You meet at the Grand Caverns Inn where the trip starts. The second day you will go to the Grand Canyon and head towards the base to the Hualapai Hilltop. Then you hike to the Havasupai. You hike through and look at the red wall and head into Supai village. Then you stop for lunch and continue on towards the Havasu Falls passing another fall New Navajo Falls on the way. There you reach your campground and stop for the night. While there you can explore until you go to dinner and sleep. Your itinerary is discussed by the guides before you leave the hotel in the night before. The third and fourth day is spent exploring the caverns with your guide. They provide your meals which are healthy for all to have for what they are doing which is strenuous hiking. On the last day, you hike to the rim and then go back to the hotel base.

Fifth Package: This is for those who want to see the entire Grand Canyon I say. It is called the Grand Canyon Ultimate Details. It costs $1945 per person which includes a charge of $499 for permits and land use fees. The first day of the trip has them going to the Grand Canyon Campground. It takes you on a tour of the surrounding areas. On day two you hike into the South Kaibab Trail where you can explore the area and ascend to the rim. After the rim you have lunch. After which point you can do some more exploring before dinner and going to sleep. The third day of the trip has you hiking into Havasupai. While there the group has lunch and then you go deeper into the red wall of the canyon. Following that you enter into the village of Supai where you spend the evening. You make camp and explore while eating dinner given by the guides of the tour. On the fourth and fifth day, you continue exploring the Grand Canyon looking at things that interest you and where the guide takes you. The wildlife, animals, and water. On the sixth day, you return to where you started.

You can also do self-guided tours, bike tours, and helicopter entries into the grand canyons to complete your tours. But you must call and reserve all the proper permits and pay all the proper fees prior to getting there.

Important Information about Your Trip to Havasu Falls
It is important that you do your research before going on this trip. Don’t just rely on this article though it does tell you a lot. For example, although it states that the guides will prepare your food for you, it does state in the information given to you that you must prepare and bring your own food and equipment. That you must carry it on your back on your hiking trip. This is not a trip for those who aren’t fit and cannot walk long distances. It isn’t a trip for those who don’t like sleeping outside and braving the elements. Another example is it states that you have to have a permit and pay land use fees and they are not cheap. This does not mean that people don’t do day trips but, if that is what you would like then call up the reservation or the tour company to find out if it is feasible and what that means for you and your party. It is not an easy hike nor a short hike. You will be walking for most of the day and through the strenuous terrain. Also, find out where is the easiest place to start your day trip from. There is no easy way for you to do this.

Also, check out where the other attractions are in connection to yours. Maybe you could get a tour company that also includes a trip to the Grand Canyon and the Havasu Falls as well. This way you could enjoy Las Vegas or another place in Arizona prior to going to the Grand Canyon.

Make sure that you have all of your shots and health up to par. Do not think that you can’t get sick on this trip because the biggest fear you may have is dehydration. The guides make sure that you have all the water you need but don’t provide it. You are to bring it with you. Read through all their materials you are given when you book your reservation and also, make sure to have your other information together. That means plane and hotel reservations as well as car rentals for you prior to the pickup for the hiking tour.

Permits and Other Charges
Permits are important as you know and are required. But, be warned check out their website prior to making any phone calls about permits and trips. Reserve your permit at the same time you reserve your trip. They sell out pretty fast. For example, the current note on their website states that the longest trip they allow is four days and three nights per reservation. So remember that trip that I mentioned earlier that was for five and six days- you aren’t allowed to do those. So why book that excursion trip? If you hadn’t checked or read this article you may have done that. Aren’t you glad you read this article now? Here are the costs for permits:
One night costs $ 140.56

Two nights cost $ 171.11 and

Three nights costs $201.67. Weekend nights costs you an additional $18.33. You might want to check the nights that fall on Holidays because they might also be affected and costs the extra money. Please note that some things may have changed since this post and some since the last time you visited. You must check out the website before calling and also, ask when you call. The tribe changes the prices when they need to.

The lodge reservations are also listed. You can have up to four people in a room for $145 a night per person. In order to reserve the room, you must put down a $40 per room per night fee. Also, note that you have an entry fee of $50.00 per person to enter into the Falls.

Of note: All campgrounds are sold out for the year of 2018 so when you call ask for reservations for 2019.

Havasupai Falls is a trip that will be a beautiful vacation for any and all group that wants to go there. It will also test your strength and reserve of power as well because you are responsible for all of your equipment and your food unless it is a guided tour. As long as you do that and follow the rules required of you all of your party should have a great time at Havasupai Falls.