Reservations & Hours


Day hiking into Havasupai is not allowed anymore. If you and your party is considering to hike into the falls and campground, you will be turned away. A permit and wristband is required for entry.

Havasu Camping Reservations

Contact Camping Reservations Office

CALL / 928.448.2121
CALL / 928.448.2141
CALL / 928.448.2180
CALL / 928.448.2237


Monday to Friday / 9:00AM – 3:00PM Arizona Time

Camping Tourist Office

May through October / 6:00AM – 6:00PM Arizona Time
November through April / 9:00AM – 3:00PM Arizona Time

Havasupai Lodge Reservations

Contact Lodging Reservations Office

CALL / 928.448.2111
CALL / 928.448.2201


Monday to Friday / 9:00AM – 3:00PM Arizona Time

Lobby Hours

Daily / 8:00AM – 5:00PM Arizona Time

Getting Here

Havasupai Trailhead, Supai, AZ 86435


In order to get to Havasupai, everyone must park at the Hualapai Hilltop Parking Area before hiking down the trail-head, by helicopter, or by horseback.

Please use this address below in Google Maps and it will provide you the distance and directions to get here.

Havasupai Trailhead, Supai, AZ 86435



Hualapai Hilltop to Campgrounds – 10.0 Miles
Hualapai Hilltop to Supai Village – 8.0 Miles
Supai Village to Campground – 2.0 Miles
Campground to Mooney Falls – 0.5 Miles
Mooney Falls to Colorado River – 8.0 Miles


4 Hours Travel Time From Las Vegas, NV (221 Miles via US-93)


3 Hours Travel Time From Flagstaff, AZ (166 Miles via I-40 W)


4 Hours 33 Minutes Travel Time From Phoenix, AZ (259 Miles via I-17 N)




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Monsoon season is typically in July and August. This brings heavy afternoon thunderstorms, and the chance of flash floods. Flash floods are not a huge threat if you are aware of your surroundings, and keep an eye on the weather. They can also show you a spectacular display of nature’s power. If you are not an experienced southwest hiker, just hire a professional guided tour if you are able to afford the cost.

The trailhead at Hualapi Hilltop is 5200 ft in elevation, while the canyon floor sits at 2800 ft. The water maintains a relatively constant 70 degrees throughout the year.

Below are the weather averages for Havasu Falls. Temperatures will drop 5 degrees on average for every 1,000 feet in elevation you climb. Therefore the temperatures at the trailhead (Hualapai Hilltop), are over 10 degrees cooler than the campground.

Month High Low
January 53 °F 27 °F
February 60 °F 32 °F
March 67 °F 37 °F
April 75 °F 43 °F
May 86 °F 50 °F
June 96 °F 60 °F
July 99 °F 66 °F
August 99 °F 64 °F
September 89 °F 56 °F
October 78 °F 46 °F
November 64 °F 35 °F
December 53 °F 27 °F

Visiting Supai Village

Supai Village is the tribal home of the Havasupai people, and it is the only continuously occupied settlement in the Grand Canyon. The village is approximately eight miles from the trail-head at Haulapai Hilltop. Accommodations within Supai Village includes a lodge and a cafeteria. There is a school, post-office, general store, and police station. There are no built roads going to Supai. The only way to get here is via helicopter or by hiking down from the hilltop. The hike is an experience that one must do to enjoy the wonderful marvels of this hidden valley.

The Tourist Office

All visitors are required to check in here, unless staying at the lodge. The office is on the left side of the trail. You cannot pass beyond the tourist office to the campground without a permit and wristband.

The Lodge

The lodge is a two mile hike from Havasu Falls. The rooms are simple with no telephones or televisions. There are two double beds, a private bath and air-conditioning. This is a non-smoking lodge, all smoking must be done outside.

The Village Café

Don’t feel like cooking up oatmeal or maybe ran out of food? The Village Café regularly serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Prices are very reasonable and they do accept cash and credit/debit card as form of payment. Hours are varied depending on the season and availability. The Village Café usually opens 8AM – 5PM, though hours my vary. Below are the favorite menus.

French Fries:

  • French Fries with Cheese
  • Seasoned Curly French Fries
  • Chili Cheese Fries


  • Cheese Burger
  • Double Cheese Burger
  • Bacon Cheese Burger
  • Chili Cheese Burger

Supai Signature:

  • Indian Taco with Beef
  • Supai Burger
    (Serve with Fried Bread)
    Supai Combo

The General Store / Trading Post

Forgot to bring something or need some extra food to go with those eggs in the morning? They carry basic food items such as fruits, vegetables, meat and bread. Cash, credit and debit cards accepted. Store hours are usually open from 7AM – 5PM on weekdays, and 8AM – 5PM on weekends. Here are few items they sell.

  • Soda
  • Water
  • Chips
  • Snacks
  • Gatorade
  • Ice Cream
  • Travel sized Toiletries
  • Fruit
  • Canned Goods

Note: Due to the remote location of the village, transportation of commodities is rather difficult. Prices are adjusted to reflect this cost.

The Post Office

This is the only pack-mule mail delivery in the United States!  Mail and packages sent from here will say so. All postal supplies including stamps and envelopes are available for purchase.

Tribal Terms and Conditions

Alcohol, illegal firearms, drugs, and pets are strictly prohibited on the Havasupai reservation. All trash must be packed out, no exceptions. Please respect the tribal home of the Havasupai people and abide by their tribal laws.

Horse/Mule Service

Mule and horse service is another great alternative if you decide you want to carry your pack in our out of Havasupai. Pricing and availability can vary depending on what you want. Also helicopter services are another choice if you and your party decide not to trek out of the canyon back to the parking lot area. Below are the general information and pricing. For more service or assistance, please contact the office directly.

Pack Horse Fees

One-way = $132.00 (per pack horse)
Round-trip = $264.00 (per pack horse)

Pack Horse Reservations Going INTO Supai and Campground

Reservations MUST be made 1 WEEK prior to arrival to the Campground Tourist Office. Please call the tourist numbers provided above in the hours of operation section.

Pack Horse Reservations Going OUT Supai and Campground

Reservations MUST be made 1 DAY prior to arrival to the Campground Tourist Office. Please call the tourist numbers provided above in the hours of operation section.

Pack Horse Restrictions & Capacity

One pack animal can carry a maximum of 4 bags for a total weight of 130 lbs/59 kg. Maximum Baggage Size: 36 inches long and 19 inches wide.
Ice Chest: Maximum 48 quart capacity, not exceed 24 inches long and 19 inches wide. For the safety of our animals, scales will be used to insure maximum weight limits are enforced.

Frequently asked Questions and Answers

Q. What are guests options for transportation into Supai?

A. In addition to hiking into the canyon and helicopter services at Hualapai Hilltop, guests may request saddle and pack horses for easier transportation into and out of Supai. Saddle horses are not guaranteed and dependent on availability. Please call ahead to reserve the use of saddle horse.

Q. What is the difference between saddle and packhorse?

A. Saddle horses are available for riding into and out of Supai for those not able to hike the 8 miles. Riding time is approximately 3 hours. Saddle horse limitation includes: a maximum body weight of 250 lbs, a small daypack no more than 10 lbs, long pants, and minimal horse riding experience.

Packhorses are available for carrying duffel bags or camp packs into and out of Supai. Packhorse trips take approximately 3 hours. Packhorse limitations include: 4 duffel bags or packs at 130 lbs maximum weight.

Use either saddle or packhorses require a $40 deposit per animal two weeks prior to the arrival date. Deposits are non-refundable for no shows. Unfortunately, no same day trips are available (Going in and out in the same day).

Helicopter Service


During the main visitor season the helicopter will most likely be flying on Thursday, Friday, Sunday, and Monday. All helicopter arrangements are done at the helipad ON THE DAY THAT YOU WANT TO FLY.

Helicopter Fees

One-way = $85.00 CASH per person
One-way = $95.00 CREDIT/DEBIT per person (can have multiple people in 1 card with 1 transaction fee)

Sign Up Times

Sign ups starts at 10AM on a clipboard and ends at 1PM. To ensure your names are on it, please consider coming in early as it has known to form lines very very early in the morning.

Things to Consider

  • The helicopter may not be flying that day (due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances)
  • Signup for the helicopters starts around 10AM at the helipad (but people often start lining up much earlier – even before sunrise). Havasupai and other Tribal members have first priority – so even if you are first on the list, it may be hours before you fly.
  • The cost is $85 per person if paying with cash. An extra $10 is added per transaction if paying by credit card (you can have multiple people pad for on one transaction). Note that the credit card machine may not be working, in which case, if you don’t have cash, then you are out of luck.
  • Signup ends at 1PM at the helipad (if the helicopter is still running then). If you are the last one on the list heading out of the Canyon, it may be close to sunset before you actually fly out.
  • If you are signed up and not present when called, you are removed from the list.
  • When you pay for yourself to fly, that price ($85) includes one bag of up to 40 pounds – but you and your bag may be on different flights due to load balancing and other restrictions (so your bag may arrive significantly before or after you)
  • If you wish to just send a bag via helicopter, that is an option ($20 per bag up to 40 pounds, with an $20 extra for each additional 40 pounds). Note that the odds of you and your bag arriving at the same time are pretty much zero. The bag will probably arrive ahead of you, but could be significantly (many hours) later. This would be arranged at the helipad on the same day you wish to transport your bags or on the way out you can also arrange to have your bags flown out via the Tourist Office in the Village (it opens much earlier than the first flight of the day)
  • It is a two mile hike between the helipad in the village and the campground.
  • As the helicopter is run by an outside contractor company, everything is subject to change.

General Rules


Drones are strictly prohibited and will be confiscated with a $1000.00 fine imposed.

Below are the rules taken straight from website for reference.

Thank you for visiting the Havasupai Reservation. There are several important things that you need to be aware of to ensure your safety in our beautiful and unique canyon:

  • Drones are strictly prohibited and will be confiscated with a $1000.00 fine imposed.
  • The temperature can often be well over 100 degrees in the summer. Plan to hike in the coolest part of the day, when the canyon in shady. Sunscreen and sunhats are recommended.
  • Plan frequent rest stops in whatever shade you can find. Let your body temperature cool down before going on. If necessary, wait in the shade until evening before continuing.
  • Plan to carry 1 gallon of water per person on the hike. There is absolutely any water available on the trail. If you do not have enough water do not start out on the trail.
  • Watch for signs of dehydration in yourself and companions. Signs include headache, dizziness, moodiness, and fatigue. Dangerous or late signs of dehydration are: fast heartbeat, shallow breathing, confusion and disorientation. People with server dehydration are often combative and unreasonable and are not capable of making decisions! STOP! Do not go on!
  • Hiking at night is not recommended. It is easy to get lost or injured at night. Take a flashlight and extra batteries.
  • Watch out for and respect scorpions or snakes. Shake out your shoes before putting them on.
  • It is 8 miles from Hilltop to the village of Supai. The waterfalls and campgrounds are an additional 2 miles from the village. Reservations are necessary for lodging and camping.
  • DO NOT hike alone. Keep your group together at all times! This is critically important in case of bad weather or injury!
  • Be sure to wear sturdy closed-toed, tennis or hiking boots/shoes with good ankle support. Water shoes or rubber sandals are recommended when you are in the water. Take plenty of dry clean socks. Take along moleskin and band-aids and first aid ointments. You will be walking in a rocky, sandy, dry creek bed that can cause injury due to loose footing. Watch where you are stepping, especially when you are nearing the end of your hike and are fatigued.
  • Although floods can occur anytime of the year, the monsoon season occurs from late in July, well into August. During this time there is a high risk of flash floods. Watch for rain and dark clouds especially in the south. Flash flooding can occur without warning and without any rain where you are hiking. If you hear the flood waters approaching or if you are caught in a rain storm, climb to high ground immediately and wait until it clears. Do not enter the narrow part of the canyon where you might not be able to climb the canyon walls in the event of an unexpected flood.
  • There are no public health facilities in the village. In the event of an injury, it may take many hours to get treatment or be transported out of the canyon. Trained emergency rescue teams are not available in the village. In case of an emergency, helicopter transportation is necessary, and the financial cost will be high and family members will not be taken with the patient but will need to find their own way out of the canyon. The cost of evacuation is solely responsible of the injured party.
  • Do not dive! There are submerged rocks and obstacles in the water. Pools change depth frequently, and my change one year to the next. Never dive head first in the water!
  • Horses have the right of way. Yield to all horses on the trail. Move towards the canyon wall side of the trail until the horses pass to avoid being pushed over the edge, do not spook the horses.
  • The trail is not well marked do not take side canyons that are unfamiliar.
  • Filter all water taken from creek or springs for drinking or cooking.
  • Please pack out all of your trash!

Emergency Contact

In Case of Emergency Call 911

Supai, AZ Local Policing Provided By:
Bureau of Indian Affairs Law Enforcement Services
Office CALL / 928.448.2891 Daily 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM
Dispatch CALL / 928.769.2220 24 Hours